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Skeleton Map 3D

4.8 ( 9728 ratings )
Utbildning Medicinsk
Utvecklare: Xuan Chen

Skeleton Map 3D is an educational application for human skeletal system. It can help you memorize bone names. It can also serve as a reference for looking up bone names or locations.

It displays a 3D model of human skeleton. User can rotate, move and zoom in on the bones. User can tap a bone and see its name popping up. By tapping the information button, user goes to the wiki page about the bone through a builtin web browser. User can also browse a list of bones by category or by alphabetical order, or search for a bone.

In quiz mode, it shows four names when user taps a bone. User makes selection and it tells user whether the answer is correct. If not, it gives the correct answer.

Warning: This application uses wiki page for information about the bones. If this is not what you expect, please refrain from downloading this application to save your time.